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In Honor of those that Didn't make it Home

I don't support War unless our Nation and Families are endangered.  I lost friends and family to war like many other families have.  None of us should celebrate any war but we should remember those that didn't make it home.  For those that didn't go, that is a personal choice or a physical choice and not one that should be thought of as lesser.  And for those that did go by either choice or otherwise, we should also not think of them as lesser.  I hope I made myself clear because if I did, I am not really clear to even myself.


Welcome to DeadMeat's Corner

First of all, what the devil IS DeadMeat's Corner.  Easy answer.  Well, not really.  It's what we all make it.  Think of it as a place where we all show each other respect even when we disagree with each other.  It's a place where you can go when the world is really out to get you and you can relax for a bit.  It's a place where you can do something or do exactly nothing if that's what you wish to do.  It's a place where you can visit with people and have meaningful discussions.  It's a place where you won't find all those pesky advertisements. 

No bells and whistles.  Nothing fancy.  Leave that to the other places that just want to sell you something. 

One of the things that can be done in here is to go into the Forums and let me know what you want to see in here.  Is there something that is important to you like a hobby or someone or something just needs a little help like someone down on their luck?  Speak up.



Discussion Forums

This is a discussion forum for everyone.  If you want to just air it out in a discussion or want to discuss things real time, this is the place.  The idea is for everyone to be kind to each other but to exchange ideas.  You can have differences but be tolerant of the other person's ideas.  It's okay to say that you disagree and to say why.  But do it in a civilized way.